Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We arrived in Sharon, Vermont at 8:00 pm on February 15, 2013.  We were pretty tired.  We had traveled 2750 miles in 7 days.  Brent drove all of the way.  The Shefchiks, the missionaries that we will be working with, had dinner fixed and they helped us unload the car.  It was so nice to take the suitcases out and know we wouldn't be packing them again the next day.  Our apartment is interesting.  The missionaries that lived here before had left lots of things of us.  There were some dishes and spices and cleaning materials.  We have a nice kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a small office.  We have a full sized washer and dryer and a nice recliner among other mismatched furniture.  It will be fine.  The biggest issue is the clothes closet is in the living room which is 2 rooms away from the bedroom.  It is a nice big closet, so we will manage.  Another issue is that there is a step down from the bathroom to the living room and I'm afraid I may forget about it on one of my many nightly visits to the bathroom.  We have a nightlight so that should remind me to look out for what I am doing.  The first week we went shopping almost every night after work to get different things for the apartment.  On Saturday, the Shefchiks took us to West Lebanon, New Hampshire, which is about 20 min. away to go shopping.  It is a typical shopping area, Wal Mart, K Mart, Penneys, Kohls, TJ Max, Joannes fabrics and several good grocery stores.  In our area in Vermont, there are only 2 stores which are more like convenience stores.  Anyway, after the week we had purchased pretty much everything we needed for our place including a really nice desk that we found at a Thrift store.  (I know everyone is surprised that I have been in a thrift store)
Our Apartment is the one just behind the car

This is just across the street

We live right by the freeway off ramp 

This is a view from the road around the monument.  The building on the left is the Director's home and the office for the missionaries.  The one on the right is the Visitor's Center

This is our first view of the Monument
If it looks cold, its only because it is.

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