Saturday, March 9, 2013


We were called to serve in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission.  Our Mission President is David Wilkey who grew up in Mt. Pleasant and went to North Sanpete High School.  He played on the State Basketball team that his father, Mack Wilkey coached in 1969.  He was a good friend of my younger brother, Karl, who passed away in 1978.  He spent quite a bit of time in our home with Karl.  We were able to meet with him and Sister Wilkey on Feb. 21.  We were so glad to see him and he was glad to see us.  I couldn't help but wonder what Karl would be doing at this time in is life if he were still living.  During our visit with him, we talked about old times,  missionary work and our families.  It was such a great visit and we really felt of his spirit.  As we finished, his wife joined us and we prayed together.  He blessed us and our family with many wonderful blessings.  He is an amazing mission president.  All of the missionaries really love and respect him.
We will be getting a new Mission President in July.  His name is President Stoker.
Elder and Sister Dyches with President and Sister Wilkey

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