Thursday, March 14, 2013


 Elder and Sister Dyches
When the sun is just right it reflects off the monument.  I wanted to get at least one picture of it.  At the right time of year it reflects right off of the top.
Elder and Sister Shefchik 
They are the other FM Senior Couple.  We work very closely with them.  The have been here since October so they know the job.  He was baptized in a river in Viet Nam and she was raised a Quaker.  They have helped us a lot since we arrived and we have been several places with them.

Elder and Sister Johnson
They are the Directors of the Visitor Center.  He is retired from the military.  He has been a Mission President in Germany and just left the Missionary Department.  They are great people.  She is so much fun and hugs everyone.  We hold home evening and socials in their home which is next to the Visitor Center.

Elder and Sister Osborn
They are missionaries that give tours at the Visitor Center.  She gave us our tour on the first day were arrived.  They are from Salem, Utah and live in the same Stake as Eric.  His family owned the Osborn Sewing Plant in Mt. Pleasant many years ago so they know some people in Mt. Pleasant.  We enjoy them and visit with them when we can at Home Evening and when we clean the
Visitor Center.

Elder and Sister Petersen
They are from Mesa, Arizona, and have been here longer than any of the other senior couples.  She is an excellent cook.  She and I hung some pictures in the Residence. It was nice to have help from someone who knew how to do the job. He was a high school baseball and track coach so he and Brent have a lot to talk about.

Elder Peterson and Elder Barfuss
These are our Elders.  Elder Peterson (left) is from Tusan, Arizona and has  served for 10 months.
 He is being transferred March 26, when the new Sisters come.  Elder Barfuss is from Tremonton, Utah, and is going home on March 26.  They are a lot of fun and very hard workers.  We drove them around on Sunday.  We helped teach a lesson to a less active man and Brent helped give a blessing to a man in the hospital.  We drove all around to places we haven't gone to before.  We were gone for 4 hours and it was a good experience.  We will miss them when they leave.
Elder Peterson, Elder Dyches and Elder Barfuss

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