Monday, March 25, 2013


We have officially been at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial for 5 full weeks.  We have been blessed so much while we have been here.  We have settled into a routine which is what old people and missionaries do.  We get up every morning at 6:00, make lunches, eat breakfast, get ready and do scripture study and leave by 7:45.  We arrive at the shop at 8:00 and have our morning meeting with us and the Shefchiks and any of the employees that are there when we meet.  We sing a Hymn (we started at the first of the Hymn book and are finding out how many hymns we  have never heard and we skip them), have a spiritual thought and prayer.  It is nice to sing and pray with those we work with.  After  our devotional, Tim, our supervisor tells us what needs to be done and then we do it.  Sometimes, we plan 2 or 3 days in advance.  We usually work until 3:30 and then do whatever we want to do.  We have done several things in the evenings, but that will be in the next post. I have taken photos of some of the things that we have done at work in the last 5 weeks, so here they are.


Joe Mendor, the Sharon, Vermont, FM Group Director
He is over all 25 buildings in the Mission
He is a great person and our Boss.

Tim Packer the JSBM Supervisor
He is our supervisor and helps Joe with some other buildings.
He knows a lot about a lot of things and has really helped us.
Dawn  Gross
She is the secretary and is on top of everything.  She keeps the whole
FM Group running.  She is so nice and kind to everyone.
She works part time and is able to do about anything.
She is a great worker and a pleasure to work with.  

Taking down lights.  Brent is in the tractor this time.
Removing the Poinsettias from the Visitor Center.  This is the Gator that we  can drive around on
We put the flag up at the Visitor Center
Concord, New Hampshire Stake Center about 80 Miles south east.  We went
there 4 different days to help get the building ready for a special Stake Conference.
One thing we did was put pads on the bottom of chairs to protect the new gym floor.  

Essex, Vermont Stake Center about 75 miles north.  This is our Stake Center
We went there twice to put carpet cove around the walls.
The building was flooded by a broken pipe and they were putting everything back together.

Hauling chairs from Concord to St. Albins.
St Albins, Vermont, Chapel,  It is about 20 miles from Canada.  It was a
fun trip hauling chairs.  It was new chapel and very nice.

We clean the Visitors Center every morning.  We vacuum, dust, empty garbage and
clean the bathrooms.  I really enjoy this.  There are 2 rooms so it really isn't too hard.

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