Saturday, July 6, 2013


When we arrived in the middle of February, Sister Shefchik had most of the flower gardens planned.  I helped her draw some diagrams and figure out how many flowers to order.  We ordered from  two different places, Jolly Farmers and Dandelion Acres.  Jolly Farmers delivered, but we picked up the ones from Dandelion Acres.  We had to take 3 trips to get them all.  We ordered about 3000 flowers.

Picking Up the Flowers

Our Flower Friends
Flowers when we picked them up
Flowers in the parking lost waiting to be planted.  Sister Shefchik loading them on our trusty golf cart.

Our golf cart loaded with flowers ready to plant

The Front Gate Garden

The Sister Missionaries have been assigned to work with us for 5 hours each week.  We have 1 set on Tuesday and one on Thursday.  They have been such a great help and it is so fun to work with them.  Melanie is an employee and she is great too.  She is getting ready to go on a mission as well. 

Elder Dyches and Sister Caffel

Sister Fratcher, Melanie, Sister Caffel and Sister Dyches 

We finished planting this garden.  There are still daffodils and tulips, but we will take them out when they start to die.

The Wing Garden

Sister Shefchik, Sister Johnson, (F) Sister Caffel, Sister Dyches, Sister Fratcher

Sister Fratcher (The Young Sisters love wearing the uniforms, especially the elastic waist pants)

We call this the "Lady Gator" because we drive it the most, along with the golf cart.

Just finished planting the Wing Gardens.  The big plants are Hosta.  There a lots of them around the gardens.  

The young sisters wanted to roll down the hill.  I'm not sure why, but they can cross  it off their buckets lists.

The Sidewalk and the Wall Gardens

Our new employee, Lizzy Arnold, Melanie and Sister Caffel with Elder Dyches.
Sister Dyches also helped, but she also had to be the photographer.

Elder Dyches and Sister Fratcher.  Check our the drill Elder Dyches is using to dig the holes for the flowers.  It was great.  We used it for all of the flowers we planted.

Elder and Sister Dyches, Sister Caffel and Sister Fratcher after planting the sidewalks and the wall garden.

Sister Johnson wanted to help plant to earn the service pin from the Memorial.  Anyone who does 4 hours of  service on the grounds, may earn a pin.

Lizzy, Sister Johnson and Sister Dyches taking a spin around the site in the Lady Gator

Planting at the Mission Home in Manchester

Flowers we planted 

Flower bed by the front door

Mission Home in Manchester, New Hampshire

The Shefchiks planted the flowers with us.  After we finished planting, we changed and went
 to the Temple in Boston

Half Circle Garden

Elder Dyches, Sister Dyches and Sister Shefchik planting the Half Circle Garden in the rain

It has rained a lot this spring and summer.  We just put on our rain gear and go 

Cute couple in rain gear.

 Monument Garden

Adam and Tyler helped plant the Monument Garden in the rain. 
We planted around the tulips and will remove them when they die.
 Mailbox Garden

Sister Fratcher, Lizzy Arnold and our new sister, Sister Lundahl
Planting the Mailbox Garden.  Love the hat!

Sister Anderson  and Sister Houston.  They helped plant some of the gardens, but
they were planting when we were away from the sight making deliveries to other buildings.