Monday, August 5, 2013


The flowers are finally starting to look very beautiful.  We have worked so hard every day trying to weed, feed and dead head our flowers.  We have spent most of the past few weeks, since we planted them, working in the flower beds.  There are many perennials that have bloomed at various times which have been great to keep things looking nice.  Now the annuals are starting to look great.  Here are some of the flower beds and individual flowers.  I have had to work to remember all of the names, and still don't know them all.  Sometimes we have to bring in leaves and look them up in books to try to find out what kind of flowers they are. We also have to decide which things that are coming up are weeds and which are flowers.  We have pulled some flowers thinking they were weeds and we have left some weeds thinking they were flowers only to pull them when they were 3-4 feet tall.  It have been a learning experience, but I have really enjoyed it.  It is rewarding when people who visit tell us how nice the flowers look.  I think they help to bring a special spirit to this place.