Thursday, March 7, 2013


On our first day we went to our work.  We had a meeting with our supervisor, Tim, and our boss Joe.  They talked to us about being missionaries and volunteers and what to expect.  We meet every morning with the Shefchiks, and Tim, Dawn and Geraldo, who are paid employees of the Church.  We sing a hymn and have prayer and then Tim tells us what needs to be done and we get to work.  We are welcome to do whatever we feel comfortable doing.  We work from 8:00-3:30 every day with a break in the morning and lunch.
The building that where we have our meetings, eat and do some of our work,

The first thing we did after our orientation was go on a tour at the Visitor's Center.  Sister Osborn, one of the site missionaries, took us on the tour.  We watched the film of Joseph Smith that is in Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake.  This film is new and is almost the same as the old one, but there are some interesting changes including the ending.  Lucy Mack Smith talks about her son  at the end.  It is a really nice addition to the movie. 
 After we finished the movie, we went through the tour.   The Center has 2 rooms.  We listened to the information in the first room and as we walked through the door into the next room there is a statue of Joseph Smith.  As we walked into the room it was as though he looked right at us and acknowledged that we had come.  It brought tears to my eyes because I really felt like he knew we were here to help take care of this special place.  When we shared this experience with President Wilkey, he told us that  the Prophet Joseph Smith is very interested in his birthplace.  This quote has been shared with us.
We feel very bless to be able to serve here.

"Next to Bethlehem where the Savior was born, this site, the birthplace of the Prophet Joseph Smith is one of the most sacred spots on the face of the earth, and if we were worthy, we could see the angels that hover over the trees, protecting this spot and those who are here." Joseph B. Wirthlin
Front Gate going into the JSBM before the snow was plowed
Maple Lane leading up the the JSBM

Monument in the Snow

My favorite picture of the monument.  It really is beautiful in the snow.

Look closely and see Brent shoveling snow
South Royalton Chapel on the grounds of the JSBM
Our only day of sunshine

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