Monday, March 4, 2013


We left Kirtland about noon and started toward Palmyra on Valentine's Day.  It was snowing lightly and we drove into New York. (Something that was really annoying were all of the toll roads.  There were quite a few in New York.  I think we paid about $50 in all by the time we got here).  Anyway, we drove in snow flurries all the way to Palmyra.  Of course we arrived after dark.  Since it was Valentine's Day, we had to go out to dinner.  We drove downtown across from the Gramdon Printing company and found a Chinese Take Out place that was open.  When we went inside we found 4 missionaries there.  It was fun to see them. They were excited to see us too.  We took our takeout back to the hotel and had a romantic dinner in the breakfast room.  It was actually pretty fun.  
The next morning we ate early and packed the car (one more time) and arrived at the Welcome Center by the Sacred Grove at the time it opened.  The missionaries have been happy to see us at every place we .  I think they get a little bored sitting and waiting for people to come.  Went on the tour of both of the homes.  We really enjoyed it.  After the tour of the homes, we walked into the Sacred Grove ourselves.  It was pretty cold, but we just walked and talked a little.  We sat on a bench for a while and felt the spirit of that special place.  We just looked at each other and said, "It really happened."  There is no doubt.  It really happened just like Joseph said it did.  The Sacred Grove is a wonderful place to feel the spirit and express your testimony.  Even though it was cold, we didn't want to leave.  We walked out slowly.  I have seen the Sacred Grove in the summer and it looks much different in the winter, but one thing for sure, the spirit is the same. 

First Log Cabin 

Room where Angel Moroni Appeared to Joseph Smith

Kitchen in the Log Cabin
The Frame home

The Kitchen in the Frame Home

Hearth where the Plates were hidden from the mobs
Sacred Grove
Sally in Sacred Grove

Brent in Sacred Grove
A Tree in the Yard of the Frame Home  It was planted about the time Joseph Smith's brother Alvin died.

Palmyra Temple
View of the Sacred Grove from the Temple.  Pres. Hinkley had the trees cut so you could see the Grove.

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