Sunday, February 24, 2013


My first post was anything but pretty, and not even very informative.  It even contained some misinformation.  The Mission we were called to is the New Hampshire Manchester Mission and we will be serving at the Joseph Smith Memorial Historic Site in Sharon, Vermont, as Facilities Management Specialists.  Our Mission President is David Wilkey.  He was raised in Mt. Pleasant, and was a friend of
Karl Mower and George Dyches.  He spent a lot of time in our home when he was in middle school.  He and Karl used to go fishing and hiking around.

The next event in our journey was when we spoke in Sacrament Meeting January 27.  It was a fun meeting because so many of our family and friends were there.  I spoke first and took a little too much time so Elder Dyches didn't have much time.  At the dinner Uncle Boone told me that when we come home maybe Brent could speak first.  You gotta love Uncle Boone.  It was so fun to have all of the kids and grandkids there.  They all stayed late so they could be there when we were set apart.  The Stake Presidency came to our home and set us apart. They gave us some wonderful blessings.   The Stake Presidency is President Gene Peckham, First Counselor Craig Hilton and Second Counselor Kay Nelson.   Mick Michie is the Executive Sec. and Brent Bailey is the clerk.  Our Bishopric is Bishop Todd Robinson, First Counselor Greg Morley and Second Counselor Neal Bilboa.
This is our family at the dinner following Sacrament meeting.

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