Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Leaving Home  February 9, 2013
We packed the car with everything that I thought we needed and much more than Brent thought we needed and left home in a snow storm.  We debated whether we should leave but the snow was predicted to last for a while and we needed to get going, so we left.  I felt a little sad to leave town and think we would be gone for a year.  We stopped to say" Bye" to Colton which seemed strange since he is going with us on our mission.
We wanted to get to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to stay.  We were fine until we got to Rawlins, Wyoming.  It started to snow off and on and I80 was snowpacked most of the way to Cheyenne.  There was nothing but big trucks most of the way.  I guess people in cars decided it was a good day to stay home.  We listened to some talks on CDs, munched on snacks to calm our nerves and drove about 40 miles an hour.  It was a long day but we finally arrived in Cheyenne at about 9:00 pm  in one piece.  Brent was a Champ driving because it wasn't much fun.
Our view of Wyoming for miles and miles.  Glad I wasn't pulling a Handcart

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