Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Here are some pictures of the various gardens at the Memorial.  Some of the pictures were taken before the flowers were at their peak, so they don't show how really pretty they have been.  I just wanted to show all of the gardens, so you can see how much there is to do to take care of all of them and also how pretty the flowers are.  Our Boss, Joe, told us he has never seen the Memorial look this good so we have felt really happy about that.  The hard work has paid off.  All of the bulbs were planted last fall, so we just get to see the results of the last missionaries' hard work.  We have spent lots of time weeding, pruning, putting down mulch and transplanting flowers.  The biggest thing is weeding because everything grows so fast and I don't know half of the weeds from the flowers.  I error on the side of not pulling anything up that might be a flower.  I do know what a dandilion looks like and have pulled plenty of them.

Here we are at the Monument with the flowers.  It is a little cloudy so the colors aren't as bright

Here are the different gardens.

Mirror Garden there is one that is mirror image of it across the lawn 

Side Walk Garden  There are 6 of these, one on each side of the 3 levels leading to the monument

White Garden  

Half Circle Garden  a Mirror garden is on either side

Astillbe Garden

Shade Garden  This is the biggest garden.  It goes around  a hill

Special Garden

Wing Garden

Sidewalk Garden

Bulb Garden

Bulb Garden

Mailbox Garden

This is named the Handicapped Garden because it is by the Handicapped parking but I am
renaming it the Special Garden

Front Gate Garden

Monument Garden

                  Here are some pictures of the flowers.  I got a little carried away taking pictures.

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